What To Consider When Getting A Wedding Loan

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Submitted by: TM Lung

When you are planning to have a really special wedding, it will probably mean that you will need to spend quite a large amount of money. An average wedding can cost you up to $40,000. As a result, you will need to save some money so that you will have enough resources for your event. However, it is also very true that it is not a small amount of money at the end of the day. To this end, you may need to consider getting a wedding loan.

In most cases, couples nowadays will be responsible for all the expenses of the wedding. Of course some people may still follow the tradition that the parents will pay for the wedding. However, it is more common for the couple to pay for it. It can make the couple find it difficult to plan for the wedding financially. This is why you may want to seek for a wedding loan. It will not be a bad option if you can consider some issues before you get it.

There are couples who are reluctant to consider the idea of a wedding loan. They will rather pay with their credit cards instead. However, I will say that it will not be a good idea to pay using the credit cards. This is because the interest rates of the credit cards will certainly be a lot higher than that of the wedding loan. You do not want to be in credit card debt after you have married. And it may take you years in order to settle the credit card debt. To this end, it is better to seek for a wedding loan due to the fact that the interest rate is a lot lower. The monthly payment will be a lot less when you do so.

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Another case is that a couple may just have enough cash to settle all the expenses. Yet, you may not want to spend all your money on the wedding. And you are not suggested to do so indeed. The point here is that you may need some cash for your life after marriage. You may also need to reserve some cash for emergency use. It will not be good for you to spend all the cash you have on hand. You may still want to get a wedding loan. In this case, you may consider spending your cash to settle about 70% of the expenses. This means that you will be getting a wedding loan to settle the other 30%.

Before you try to seek for a wedding loan, you have to know who will be help to finance your event. For example, your family members may contribute. You will need to know how much they are going to contribute. You will need to discuss with your parents and family members to this end. Of course you will also need to have an estimated budget so that you will know how much you will need to borrow.

One last point is that, you will need to consider if you can repay. You need to make sure that you can pay every month punctually after your wedding. Otherwise you will just be in debt. It will also hurt your credit score!

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Several groups seek to purchase Saturn auto brand

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Penske Automotive Group, Inc., an Ohio based investment group and Telesto Ventures have indicated separately that they are interested in purchasing the Saturn auto brand from General Motors (GM).

According to The Wall Street Journal, NissanRenault is interested in purchasing Saturn. Bloomberg, however, indicated that Nissan-Renault may be a partner of Penske’s potential bid. If Penske acquired the brand, they would distribute Saturn vehicles and outsource the assembly.

GM revealed that the Saturn brand along with Saab and Hummer were up for sale when unveiling their restructuring plans to Congress for governmental loans. While the Pontiac brand was originally to be a niche brand, GM had changed their plans recently and decided to eliminate the brand.

Telesto Ventures is an investment group that includes private equity firm Black Oak Partners LLC of Oklahoma City and several Saturn dealerships. Initially, Telesto will purchase Saturn branded cars from GM then act as a general retailer for foreign brands. Telesto is in talks with several foreign manufacturers.

The Ohio group includes many former senior auto company managers plus private financial backers, chemists and engineers who live in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Florida. This group plans to initially purchase cars from GM then purchase existing but closed plants due to automaker restructuring. Additionally, one of the partners indicated a willingness to accept some “legacy” cost in relation to the United Auto Workers. The Ohio group is also pursuing possible loans or other support from national and state governments.

GM is reviewing several offers for Saturn. GM has contracted with S.J. Girsky & Co. to advise them on the sale.

GM and Chrysler receive Canadian loans amid US restructuring ultimata

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Friday, April 3, 2009

General Motors (GM) and Chrysler will receive bridge loans from the government of Canada and the provincial government of Ontario, however no more will be forthcoming from either Canadian or US governments unless the companies can reinvent themselves.

“This is a regrettable but necessary step to protect the Canadian economy. We are doing this on the assumption that we obviously cannot afford either in the United States or Canada a catastrophic short-term collapse.” said Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.

“We cannot, we must not, and we will not let our auto industry simply vanish. This industry is, like no other, an emblem of the American spirit; a once and future symbol of America’s success,” said Barack Obama, President of the United States. “These companies – and this industry – must ultimately stand on their own, not as wards of the state.”

Chrysler will receive CA$1 billion and may in fact be eligible for as much as CA$4 billion. If Chrysler succeeds in the next 30 days with a restructuring plan it would be eligible for a US$6 billion loan. A part of Chrysler’s restructuring plan must include a partnership with Fiat within 30 days to appease the US administration. Fiat is a supplier of smaller fuel-efficient vehicles, and the merger will help Chrysler to be viable in the North American market. A Chrysler court bankruptcy would inevitably lead to it being sold off.

As a part of Chrysler’s restructuring plans, Tom LaSorda, the president of Chrysler announced that Canadian operations would fold if it does not receive both the US commitment of $2.3 billion of aid and a new Canadian Auto Workers CAW contract to reduce all-in costs by CA$19 per hour. As a result of this announcement Chrysler’s auto sales volume in Canada dropped 23% compared to March of 2008.

GM has until the end of May to restructure its company to receive up to CA$7.5 billion. As part of the companies restructuring, General Motor’s chief executive Rick Wagoner was replaced Sunday with Fritz Henderson, the current chief operating officer. Henderson spoke out on Tuesday that GM has submitted a restructuring plan which would close five plants, and this may be increased to meet the requirements for financial aid. He is in full compliance with Obama’s auto task force to seek bankruptcy if GM cannot negotiate with their unions, bondholders and others.

GM recently brought forward the “GM Total Confidence” program providing consumer purchase protection for customers who lose their job for economic reasons within the first two years from purchase. As a result of Chrysler’s restructuring announcement in Canada, GM’s Canadian vehicle sales volume fell only 17.3% compared to 2008, an increase from the previous month.

GM must reduce some of its legacy costs which include its pensions and union health care costs. A part of GM’s ailments arose from investing in supplying truck and SUVs during an economy of high gas prices when consumers were demanding fuel efficient vehicles.

Tony Clement, Canada’s Minister of Industry, is hoping that the CAW will support the restructuring process and re-negotiate their agreement. Whereas a United Auto Workers negotiator has said, “I don’t see how the UAW will do anything until they see what the bondholders will give up.”

The Obama administration is looking toward bankruptcy proceedings for the automakers, “as a mechanism to help them restructure quickly and emerge stronger. [It will] quickly clear away old debts that are weighing them down. What we are asking is difficult. It will require hard choices by companies. It will require unions and workers who have already made painful concessions to make even more. It will require creditors to recognise that they cannot hold out for the prospect of endless government bailouts.” said Obama.

The auto parts suppliers and IT software exporters in India have already been affected by the declining auto sales. GM and Chrysler software contracts provide US$300 to 350 million a year to vendors in India. As well these two major automakers usually award US$1 billion contracts to auto parts suppliers. “We are worried and closely watching the developments in the US to gauge the impact. The decline in auto sales in the US has already hit the order books of Indian suppliers,” said a Delhi auto parts supplier.

“Going forward, the industry will undoubtedly be smaller, but if our efforts are successful it will be viable and it will support good jobs for Canadians,” said Clements.

Betty Sutton, Ohio’s Congresswoman put forward the CARS act which provides a US$3,000 to 5,000 incentive for those who trade in their vehicle for a fuel-efficient car. “It clearly stimulates the economy, and it gets the consumer into the showroom and gets them buying again. But importantly — and this is what I particularly like about it — it really helps the environment quite a bit in two respects.” said William Clay Ford Jr., executive chairman of Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Company has not come forward with requests for assistance.

Since December GM and Chrysler have received US$17.4 billion government loans.

How should the automakers re-invent themselves?
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Septic Tank Basics}

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Septic Tank Basics


Mike Eggert

Septic tanks are a necessity for many who live in rural areas, and newly developed areas that don’t yet have sewer systems in place. This article will attempt to inform you of the basics to give you a better understanding of what they are and what is required to maintain them.

A septic tank is a concrete, plastic, or fiberglass tank placed under ground with lines running from the septic tank that are called leach lines, these lines take away the excess water and deposit it under ground to drain thru the rocks and other under ground material to future purify the waste water once it leaves the tank. The septic tank will have more than one chamber. The first chamber is larger than the second, and is where most of the solids known as sludge, settle. The second somewhat smaller chamber is where the waste water is further purified. A septic tank is used in areas where no city sewers are available. They are used the same as a sewer system to dispose of waste water from bathrooms, showers and all other drains in the home. Anaerobic bacterial digestive activity on the sludge breaks it down; once this happens the sludge becomes stabilized and does not rot anymore. The somewhat purified water then moves to the second chamber. The digestion and settlement of the organic matter continues. The time in the second chamber is less than the first. This is where the waste water leaves the tank and is directed to the drain fields where any impurities that remain get decomposed naturally.

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Some septic systems use a pump to help move the water depending on the way the land lays around the septic tank. After several years, in most cases 5 to7, the septic tank will have to be pumped to remove any sludge remaining so there is enough space to allow the digestive system to work as designed. The waste water that is pumped from the tank is released into waste treatment plants or sludge drying beds.

Maintenance of a septic system is very important and is not that hard to understand. If a system fails, the tank is most times not the problem. Usually the drain lines become plugged because the soil gets full of solids and the water does not move through it. This can be from several reasons; the tank could need to be pumped or many times the problem could be lint from a washing machine. This happens occasionally, and can be a real headache trying to correct. Most lint does not settle to the tank bottom and remains in suspension to be carried out into the drain field where over time will clog the soil. However, there is a solution. An inline filter may be used to capture lint and other items. Then only filter replacement is required to get your system back into operation.

Many times a large family will do several loads of laundry in a short period of time and flood the standard septic system. The solution here is to spread out the washing with only one or two loads a day. There are other things to consider in the maintenance of a septic tank system. If one is in your future be sure to stop by our website to learn more, and try to be on hand when the system is installed so you will have some idea how it all works.

Learn how to install, clean and maintain your

septic tank system



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Israeli spy satellite launched by Indian rocket

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Monday, January 21, 2008


Israel has today launched an advanced spy satellite, named TecSAR, into orbit on board India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The PSLV successfully launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at 3:45 a.m. GMT today, with a successful cast off from the launch rocket at around 4:05 a.m. GMT. Israel Aerospace Industries report that the first signals were received 80 minutes after the launch, present at which were both Israeli and Indian space engineers.

The launch was delayed several times for unclear reasons. At one point, it was rumoured that the launch had been cancelled completely due to pressure from the US Government. Indian and Israeli authorities denied this, however, citing technical problems instead.

The satellite, also referred to as Polaris, is equipped with the latest in spy technology, including Synthetic aperture radar, which can be used to provide details information on ground cover. The BBC also reports “enhanced footage technology” – which allows Israel to receive video and images at any time of day or night, and under any weather conditions. Israeli defence officials have said that the satellites main purpose is to track events in Iran, the countries’ number one foe. The events that they wish to track include the Iranian nuclear programme, as well as military happenings in Iran and Syria.

The satellite is capable of a maximum resolution of 10 centimetres, of which the first images wil be available in “a few weeks.” Development of the satellite has been quoted as “tens of millions of dollars” – and India is benefiting from a major boost in the commercialisation of the countries’ 45-year-old space program – which hopes to compete with the US, Russia, China, the Ukraine and the European Space Agency in the satellite launch service field.

Rugby Union: Queensland’s Ballymore Cup quarter finals

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ballymore Cup Quarter Finals were played Wednesday. The Ballymore Cup is a state wide Rugby Union competition in the Australian state of Queensland. Schools participating in the Greater Public Schools (GPS) competition do not compete in the Ballymore Cup.

The North Queensland quarter finals are played as a round robin competition between four teams in Makay while the three other quarter finals are played at Ballymore Stadium in Brisbane.

Below are reports off each match in division 1.

Siena Catholic College 11 – 5 Marsden State High School

Siena Catholic College from the Sunshine Coast managed to slip past Marsden State High School 11 points to 5. Both sides crossed the oppositions line but penalties committed by Marsden gifted Siena the victory.

Siena defeated reigning champions Mountain Creek State High School in the Sunshine Coast division 1 competition final. They will play the winner of this weekends North Queensland Carnival in the semis.

Corinda State High School 0 – 44 All Saints Anglican School

Brisbane West’s Corinda State High School never seemed to be in the match as All Saints Anglican School from the Gold Coast eased pass them 44 point to zero. All Saints ran rings around the Corinda defence.

All Saints will play John Paul College in the semi final.

North Side Christian College 0 – 47 John Paul College

John Paul college will meet All Saints Anglican School in the semis after they defeated North Side Christian College forty-seven points to zero.

Rockhampton Grammar School, Whitsundays Anglican School (Mackay), Townsville Grammar School and St Augustine’s College (Cairns) will play the North Queensland Carnival as part of the Ballymore Cup quarter finals this weekend.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, releases study of local emissions

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

According to the Cambridge Chronicle, a report issued by the city of Cambridge on the topic of greenhouse gas emissions claimed that despite a two-year old pledge to reduce harmful emissions, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in the city has increased. Since 1990, carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 27% in the city, mostly due to industrial processes, says the paper.

In 1999, the city joined Cities for Climate Protection, a coalition of towns in Massachusetts interested in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. In 2002, the city released a study, the Cambridge Climate Protection Plan, which set emission reduction goals for the city. The plan proposed that “we reduce GHG emissions by 20 percent below 1990 levels. This means the community needs to reduce and prevent annual GHG emissions of 494,400 tons of carbon dioxide.”

While the city has failed thus far to reduce its emissions, it has been experimenting with alternative transportation technology in its vehicles. According to the city’s website, Cambridge currently owns and operates 20 electric vehicles and 1 compressed natural gas truck. Additionally, most of Cambridge’s fleet of diesel vehicles are currently running on 20% biodiesel, which is “derived from domestically produced vegetable oil,” according to the Cambridge Department of Public Works website.

Best Online Marketing Company In Los Angeles}

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The Foundations of Online Marketing

Social Media Networks:

Social media is used by 1.73 billion people around the world – this is nearly one in four of the worlds population. For you to not have a social media presence, the amount of potential customers you could be invisible to is astronomical. We can create your presence through the most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more. We will provide powerful campaigns that will significantly increase your followers, friends, views – and ultimately client base.

Search Engine Optimization:

Statistically, consumers will click to a website that is featured on page one of search results, so it is imperative that your website is listed as high up in the rankings as possible. We can achieve this through the use of targeted keywords, content writing and link building to optimize your entire web presence.

Pay Per Click:

Our Online marketing company Los Angeles can both run and manage a Google Adwords Campaign on your behalf. We will take care of your advertising needs to have you appear in the sponsored links section; boosting your traffic, and subsequently sales.

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When looking for a company to help you with your online business marketing, you need to be selecting one who can help you in every single area as all are as important as each other. If you miss out on one piece of marketing, such as social media for example, then you miss out on an unprecedented amount of online exposure.

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E. coli outbreak kills 1, sickens nearly 100

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Friday, September 15, 2006

An E. coli outbreak linked to fresh bagged spinach in at least 20 states, has killed 1 person, a 77 year old woman in Wisconsin and has made more than 95 sick, some severely and affecting people anywhere from 3 to 84 years old. Michigan, Oregon, New Mexico, New York, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Idaho, Connecticut, Kentucky and Utah all report human cases of the illness linked to the contaminated spinach. All individuals sickened by the outbreak have the same strain, E. coli O157:H7. Officials are currently investigating cases in Washington, Pennsylvania and California to determine if the new cases are linked to the current outbreak.

“Based on the current information, FDA advises that consumers not eat bagged fresh spinach at this time. Individuals who believe they may have experienced symptoms of illness after consuming bagged spinach are urged to contact their health care provider,” said a statement on the Food and Drug Administration‘s website.

Health officials report that the symptoms from eating any contaminated spinach are kidney failure or Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome [HUS] which can occur easily in children and elderly people, bloody diarrhea, mild fever and in some cases death. At least 14 of the infected have suffered kidney failure.

“Given the severity of this illness and the seriousness of the outbreak, FDA believes that a warning to consumers is needed. We are working closely with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] and state and local agencies to determine the cause and scope of the problem,” added the statement.

Consumers are urged to throw out any fresh spinach they may have as washing it does not help, but officials say that cooking the spinach could kill the bacteria though officials still urge consumers to throw out all spinach.

“We are telling everyone to get rid of fresh bagged spinach right now. Don’t assume anything is over,” said Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle. Wisconsin has seen the worst of the outbreak with one death reported and over 30 people infected.

“If you wash it, it is not going to get rid of it,” said the Center for Food Safety and Nutrition director, Robert Brackett.

Health officials also say that they do not know what caused the contamination and do not know where the spinach originated from. Officials believe that the contamination was not “deliberate.”

“It is too early to say where the spinach has come from. This is an active investigation and we will provide more information as it becomes available. We have no evidence that this was deliberate,” said a spokeswoman for the FDA, Laura Alvey.

A company which produces natural foods in California is suspected to be the source of the illness. Natural Selection Foods LLC. located in San Juan Bautista, California has recalled all of their spinach voluntarily, including any food items containing the vegetable. Some of those infected with the illness have reported eating spinach which came from the company, but officials say that the outbreak may not be entirely isolated to just Natural Selection and that the investigation into the origin of the outbreak is still ongoing.

“We have temporarily stopped shipping spinach products, and have taken spinach out of our salads that contain them. Everyone at Earthbound Farm is terribly upset about these illnesses and death and their potential relationship to a product that is ordinarily a very healthy food choice. We are committed to producing exceptionally fresh and healthy produce. Quality and food safety continue to be our top priorities,” said Natural Selections in a statement on its website. Natural Selections is operated by Earthbound Farm.

“It is possible that the recall and the information will extend beyond Natural Selection Foods and involve other brands and other companies, at other dates,” said chief medical officer with the FDA’s Center for Food Safety, Doctor David Acheson.

Natural Selection sells many different brand names of spinach including Dole, Trader Joe’s, Green Harvest, Ready Pac, Earthbound Farm, Rave Spinach and their own brand of spinach, Natural Selections.

Officials say that more cases are expected to be reported, but many individuals will recover from the illness within a week.

E. coli, on average, affects more than 75,000 people a year and can kill as many as 60.

Tracks, Spots, Downlights, Uplights Get To Know The Fantastic Possibilities Available To You

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By Jeanelle Deppner

That lighting as an element of home decorating doesn’t receive the same attention as style, color, texture, or contrast might simply be because homeowners are not really aware of the impact of lighting on space. Some may have the germ of an idea but might be overwhelmed by the jargon –lumens, candlelight, candela – that they avoid the subject altogether, believing that of the myriad of choices in home finishing shops, there’s bound to be one that fits their needs.

Here are some facts about light fixtures the DIY decorator would want to know.


Freestanding fixtures are ones which are not fixed to any wall, floor, or ceiling, allowing them to be moved around at will. There are two types: uplights and lamps.

Uplights beam light up on the ceiling creating soft ambient light. The intensity of the light can be controlled by adjusting the height of the uplight. The farther an uplight is from the ceiling, the greater the area that will be illuminated, and the more diffused the light will be. Torchieres are one example of uplights.

Lamps are the lampshades everyone knows. Illumination is normally directed downward, although the shade can be tilted to direct the illumination sideways. Shades come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, and the base can be any of a myriad of designs, making lamps the favorite lighting fixture of many.

YouTube Preview Image


Ceiling fixtures are those attached to, or are hung from, the ceiling. There are three types: pendants, chandeliers, and downlights.

Pendants are hung from the ceiling and can be used for general or task lighting. For general illumination, the bulbs are covered with translucent globes causing the light to be distributed throughout the room, or covered with shaped shades causing the light to be trained at a particular location.

Chandeliers are a type of pendant with branches that hold bulbs and often elaborate ornamentation. The glam factor of chandeliers is such that, often, they themselves become the accent of a room. The quality of light, and, of course, the oomph of a chandelier depends on its design-the number of branches, and the amount of reflective glass that usually adorn it.

Downlights are recessed into the ceiling to train light downward. Downlights project the narrowest beam of light, and are often used to focus light on work areas, or to highlight a tree wall art, for example.


Wall-mounted fixtures are usually accent lights, designed more for drama than for illumination. Sconces, for instance, can be used to create pockets of light for a dramatic ebb and flow of light on a wall. Wall washers, usually mounted high on the wall, are another type of wall-mounted fixtures that are used to bathe walls with soft, uniform illumination. Sconces are usually used in pairs, as when they’re placed on both sides of your tree wall art.


Tracks, a combination of spots and downlights on a ceiling-mounted track, are used where flexibility is desired. It’s possible to point each individual fixture in any direction, allowing tracks to be used as general, task, or accent lighting.


Spots, which can be mounted on walls, floors, ceilings, or on some stand, are used to highlight specific spots on the wall, ceiling, or floor. If you want your breathtakingly beautiful square wall dcor to shine through, you should be thinking of spots.

About the Author: Jeanelle Deppner is the senior staff writer for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com – a unique wall art store specializing in

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