Conducting An Open House When Selling Real Estate Can Be An Effective Tool

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By Stefan Hyross

Open houses, long considered the corner stone of real estate strategies, are not as glamourous since the advent of the internet and MLS listings. But is it still a worthwhile concept to focus the time and energy to host an open house.? When you consider that up to 48% of the internet queries include the term open house, it becomes clear that home shoppers are still attracted. Since research demonstrates that this traditional technique remains the most effective method to get a property, be sure and make the most of it.

Preparations need to start weeks before to mesh your on-line and printed flyers, since simply placing an Open House sign at the front of the house is not going to create the outcome you need. Because each area is slightly different, if you are a Burlington real estate agent you need to know what buyers are are seeking in your city. Look at the busy streets going to the house and decide how to position sandwich boards to guide the traffic to your site. The week of the open house, boost up the attention by handing out flyers to the neighboring houses in the area. Design your site in a way that there is a prominent notice on the home page that directs visitors to information and maps and include your website domain name on advertisements you place in the community newspaper. Take advantage of all your media outlets by creating fast and easy ways to direct the public to your existing open house listings.

To make the most of your day spent at the open house, grasp every opportunity to network. Meet the visitors at the doorstep and be welcoming and informative. Do not pre-judge buyers who walks in the door by their appearance or race, you never know what angle the shopper may have. Places like the Burlington Ontario real estate market are made up of a lot of different kinds of buyers which makes judging if a person can afford a property that much more difficult. They might actually be evaluating your methods to determine if they want to hire you as their agent. Rather than attacking them with typical sales questions listen carefully to what they tell you and respond with pointed questions that show you are listening to their requirements.

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In a lot of the real estate courses that you have attended over your career you have probably been informed that if a home stands out to the potential purchaser it has a better potential to sell. After the visitors have visited the open house, you need to make sure you offer them some easy-to-carry material that will remind them of your property and your property since they may view numerous houses in one outing and you have to assure yours will stick in their minds. For instance, prepare a truly helpful handout that will answer some questions they may not have asked you concerning the area and the process of house hunting. In this handout you can also include pages about properties that are in the same price range, even if they are not handled by your brokerage, so the buyers are able to make their own comparisons. Offer maps of the area and simple online links that will direct them to detailed information on the web. It is important to keep in mind the concept that an open house event can have a return on the investment, and even though you may not see the payoff the day of the event, the effort you put into making it right can pay off in many ways.

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Iranian news agency reproduces The Onion article

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Fars News Agency (FNA), an Iranian news agency, yesterday reported an article from US satirical news website The Onion as fact. The article reports “a Gallup poll” suggesting “the overwhelming majority of rural white Americans” would prefer to vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, as opposed to US President Barack Obama. The Onion article reports “77 percent of rural Caucasian voters” saying they would prefer to drink beer with Ahmadinejad or attend a baseball game with him.

Fictional West Virginia resident Dale Swiderski is reported by the Chicago, Illinois based website saying about Ahmadinejad: “I like him better”. ‘Swiderski’ is also quoted as saying the Iranian President “takes national defense seriously, and he’d never let some gay protesters tell him how to run his country like Obama does.”

In Iran, homosexuality is a criminal offence which can carry a penalty of incarceration or capital punishment. Just over five years ago, when he participated in a debate at Columbia University in New York, New York, Ahmadinejad stated “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country”.

The FNA copied The Onion’s article verbatim and in its entirety, excluding part of a sentence saying Ahmadinejad was “a man who has repeatedly denied the Holocaust and has had numerous political prisoners executed”. However, the Iranian news service did not attribute The Onion as its source.

The FNA’s error has made international headlines, including in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and India.

A link to the FNA article page redirects to an error message which reads: “Error For Your Request. Not Exist This Story.” [sic] However, The Onion included a link to a screenshot of the FNA’s page on their original article, accompanied by a message telling readers to “visit our Iranian subsidiary organization” for more information on the story.

There are no reports of the article being republished in Persian. The FNA has yet to comment on the incident. However, The Onion’s editor Will Tracy humourously remarked their website “freely shares content with Fars and commends the journalists at Iran’s Finest News Source on their superb reportage”.

This is not the first time The Onion has caused the mistaken belief of their material being accurate. In a November 2007 interview with Wikinews, The Onion’s Editorial Manager Chet Clem recounted an incident in which the Beijing Evening News reproduced a story from The Onion created in 2002, copied entirely verbatim, headlined “Congress threatens to leave DC unless new capitol is built”. When the error was highlighted to the Chinese newspaper, Clem said “their response was not to print a correction, but just to say that some newspapers in America make money by printing lies.” In a separate incident, Christians forwarded a story on the Internet from The Onion saying children were converting to Satanism as a result of reading the Harry Potter book series.

BBC News Online also reported an instance of two newspapers in Bangladesh apologising over their publication of an article disputing the validity of the moon landings, originally written by The Onion.

 This story has updates See Iranian news agency apologises for reproducing The Onion article, October 1, 2012 

Facebook hired PR firm to discredit Google, reveals leaked correspondence

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Facebook hired a public relations firm to systematically discredit Google by paying two journalists to plant negative pieces in U.S. newspapers, leaked correspondence discloses. The new revelations are likely to increase tension between the two companies, which are already fierce rivals.

The social network has confirmed the validity of the leaked emails, seen by Wikinews, which suggest executives at the social networking giant hired Burson-Marsteller, a high profile PR and communications firm, to discredit Social Circle, a rival website run by Google. Burson-Marsteller then recruited two journalists — Jim Goldman and John Mercurio — to push editors at The Washington Post and USA Today to publish editorials criticising Social Circle over its privacy settings. The story was exposed after Burson-Marsteller approached a blogger to publish the propaganda, but the blogger posted the correspondence online.

Burson-Marsteller has been forced to apologize for taking on Facebook as a client, admitting the orders to discredit Google violated company policy. “The assignment on those terms should have been declined,” a spokesperson said. The revelations are likely to be incredibly damaging for the firm, who have represented a number of controversial clients in the past. Facebook, however, said the allegations against Google were valid, insisting there were genuine privacy concerns with Social Circle. Google has declined to comment on the issue.

Failure for constitutional ban on flag-burning in U.S. Senate

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An amendment of the United States constitution banning the burning of the American flag failed by one vote in the Senate on Tuesday. The final tally was 66-34; two-thirds (67 of 100 senators) was required for the amendment to pass.

U.S. President, George W. Bush, gave a statement commending the bipartisan group of Senators for trying to pass the amendment.[1] It was sponsored by Orrin Hatch, a Republican Senator from Utah, and backed by the Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist, of Tennessee.

Even though some members of each party voted for the amendment, some on both sides strongly dissented. Daniel Inouye, a Democrat from the state of Hawaii and a World War II veteran, said — like many other Senators including Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch McConnell — the proposed amendment was against the constitutional right to free speech.

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

Article Marketing Money Cannot Buy This Talent}

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Article Marketing Money cannot buy this Talent



Article marketing is one of the most used tools for Internet marketing being used today. More and more businesses are coming online now to do serious business. It is estimated that more than a few million Internet marketers are trying to compete for a piece of this Internet pie. Article marketing actually helps to level this playing field. Many of today’s Internet marketers are affiliate and network MLM marketers. So many of these home based marketers are gold-mining the Internet, much like our forefathers ran for the California and Alaska gold-rushes of their time.

YouTube Preview Image

They only had the shirts on their backs and sometimes only a tin pan to pan for gold in some stream. Many of these home based Internet marketer have the same spirit as the prospectors of those gold-rush days. The tin pan for finding gold nuggets has been replaced with article marketing. Article marketing helps to level off everyone, big or small, because of one simple reason. Everyone is afforded the same chance to market their articles in much the same way as everyone else does. It is up to the author’s ability to appeal to the reader. Money cannot buy this talent.

A large company may be able to flood the article directories with 50 articles or 500 a day, but who will read them if they do not grab the reader and keep them reading from start to finish? This is the bottom line. If you can write a minimum of 5 marketing article per day that targets the readers and hold their attentions long enough, so 2 out of 10 readers click on the back-link to your site, you will strike gold. But be patient! After a few nuggets come in, soon your talent will be led to the main source where these nuggets came from. Article marketing is all about target traffic.

Almost everyone who will read your articles is those that are interested in knowing more about the topic. When you are writing marketing articles, the topics will always be about what you are promoting. Article marketing is a natural for generating target leads to convert to sales. Article marketing is a great traffic generator. The key to this is simple. Target your audience by writing unique content about the product or service you are promoting. Write 500+ word articles that are compelling and conversational. Submit your articles to article directories with a link to your promotional site.

The trick is to write as many articles as time will allow you to do and do not stop. Never stop feeding the machine. Your article marketing machine needs to be turned on, but never turned off. Be patient and watch your sales increase. At first it may seem like a trickle, then a week or so later, a few more. A couple of months later, you should notice a lot more sales coming in through your website. Your investment is time and dedication. Because article marketing takes time and work, it is important to protect your investment by producing quality articles to market. Only submit to the article directories that the search engines regularly index. This is how your articles will show up in search engine results.

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Sales of Jackson songs and memorabilia rise after his death

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The death of Michael Jackson on Thursday has caused retail demand for his songs and for memorabilia to increase.

Yesterday, the top nine selling items at Apple’s iTunes Store were albums by Jackson, with first and second being a “hits” album and the 1982 album Thriller. similarly reported selling more Jackson merchandise in the 24 hours following his death than it had sold in the preceding 11 years, and that sales of Jackson CDs accounted for 60% of its total business on Thursday. Yesterday morning the top seller in the album chart for Amazon’s U.K. division was Off the Wall, followed by Bad and Thriller in second and third places, respectively.

Many stores, including Graywhale CD Exchange in Salt Lake City, several record stores in Danville, Virginia, and many retailers in New Zealand, have all reported selling out of Jackson’s CDs and DVDs. The flagship store of Tower Records Japan, in Shinjuku, sold out of several of Jackson’s DVDs and ran low on several other items including CDs. The Danville Register Bee recommended to its readers that if they had record players they should investigate antique and charity shops, after one antique shop reported discovering three Jackson Five vinyl albums in its basement.

The effect of the increase in sales had an effect on stock prices. Midday yesterday, Apple shares rose around 2%, Amazon shares rose around 1.3%, and eBay shares rose by 0.64%. Stock market analysts predict that this will be a short-term effect, however. Scott Fullman, an investment strategist at WJB Capital Group in New York, stated “This is going to be one of these events that will have an immediate impact and then wane out in a week or two.”.

In Las Vegas, 21 items of Jackson memorabilia, including handwritten lyrics for Jackson’s song “Bad” and the shirt that Jackson wore on his Victory Tour in 1984, sold at auction yesterday at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino for a total of USD$205,000, with the shirt, at USD$52,500 the most expensive individual item.

eBay has reported an increase in individuals auctioning Jackson memorabilia. These range from records to a Fedora hat signed by Jackson.

Also for sale on eBay and elsewhere are tickets to the This Is It concerts, at the O2 arena, where Jackson had been scheduled to perform. Ticket sellers such as Ticketmaster, Seatwave, and AEG Live have announced that they will be refunding concert tickets. But under standard contract law such refunds only apply to the original purchasor of the ticket, who dealt with the ticket companies directly. Anyone buying a ticket on eBay only has recourse against the seller on eBay that they bought from, and even then only if it was explicitly stated in the terms and conditions of the particular eBay sale that a refund was available.

At the 2009 Glastonbury Festival, stalls have been selling commemorative T-shirts to Festival attendees, with various different slogans including “Michael Jackson R.I.P 1958–2009” and “I was at Glasto 09 when Jacko died”. T-shirt vendors also appeared outside of the UCLA Medical Center where paramedics took Jackson, proferring for USD$10 T-shirts with the slogan “in loving memory of Michael Jackson” and a silhouette of Jackson, although they had few takers.

In Union Square in New York, one street artist was selling hand-made buttons that have pictures of Jackson’s album covers on them. In Times Square, another T-shirt vendor was selling T-shirts printed with copies of the front page of USA Today that reported Jackson’s death.

One observer, Allison Southwick (a Better Business Bureau spokeswoman), commented “I’m honestly expecting to see a Web site pop up by the end of the day selling Michael Jackson commemorative plates.” Whilst such commemorative plates have yet to appear, collectors have been offering commemorative stamps of Jackson for sale on eBay and elsewhere. Several commemorative stamps of Jackson already exist. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines issued $5, $2, $1, and 60¢ Michael Jackson stamps in 1985, as part of its Leaders Of The World series. Tanzania issued a 350s stamp, part of a Famous Black Entertainers set, in 1990. Guinea issued a 500f stamp in 1991. St Vincent issued another $2 Jackson stamp in 1991, as part of Famous Entertainers series. And Grenada issued a 60¢ Jackson stamp, part of its Gold Record Winners series in 1992.

Gore Vidal once remarked of the death of rival Truman Capote that it was a “good career move”. The death of an artist does serve to increase the popularity of their works. People have speculated whether this will be a temporary or a permanent thing for Jackson.

Jim Lentz, who is the Chief Operating Officer of American Royal Arts (a memorabilia dealership in Boca Raton), asked “Is he Elvis or Marilyn Monroe, or is he Mike Tyson?”.

Elvis Presley died at 42, officially of heart failure. Stores sold out of his records and souveniers within hours of the news of his death. In the 20 years following his death, RCA Records sold approximately 400 million of his recordings.

In the days and weeks immediately following Presley’s death, RCA had to sub-contract pressing to other companies, as it was unable by itself to keep up with demand. Sony Corporation announced yesterday that it had received “unprecedented” levels of orders for CDs of Jackson’s music, and was considering boosting production. It had received 150,000 orders for CDs at its music unit in Tokyo. “The amount is unprecedented for one day and we think we need to consider increasing the production of CDs that we plan to sell from July.” said a spokesman for the company. Amazon has been informing customers buying Jackson CDs that they might have to wait between 1 and 3 weeks for their orders to be shipped.

Anthrocon 2007 draws thousands to Pittsburgh for furry weekend

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Local caterers get ready for big business, as almost three thousand fans converge on the David L. Lawrence Convention Center over the Independence Day weekend for the world’s largest ever furry convention, Anthrocon 2007.

Many hope to renew acquaintances, or meet new friends. Others look to buy from dealers and artists, or show off new artwork or costumes. Some attend to make money, or even learn a thing or two. But one thing unites them: They’re all there to have fun.


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A Guide To Cuprinol Products}

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A Guide to Cuprinol Products


Andy Massey

Cuprinol is the current brand leader in the Garden Wood Care sector and it has been protecting wood for over 75 years. Whether it is a fence, decking or garden furniture that needs protecting then Cuprinol has the right product to help preserve, protect and restore your wood. There are a great range of Cuprinol products for all of your wood care needs.

Cuprinol Garden Shades Range

Cuprinol Garden Shades is a great way to provide some vibrant and stylish colour to your garden! Cuprinol Garden Shades can be used on virtually any wood in the garden, including sheds, fences, summerhouses, pergolas and garden furniture. Cuprinol Garden Shades will add colour, but it also protects wood against the damaging effects of the weather. Cuprinol Garden Shades can be applied with a brush or by the Cuprinol sprayers.

To see the full Cuprinol Garden Shades colour range then click here.

Cuprinol Decking Oil & Stain

YouTube Preview Image

Decking has become an important part of the UK garden. Cuprinol have a great range of Cuprinol Decking products to protect and / or clean your garden decking.

Cuprinol Decking Oil and Protector is a great way to enhance the colour and protect garden decking. It penetrates into the wood to replace natural oils and resins whilst its tinted formula regenerates the colour of weathered wood. Cuprinol Decking Stain provides both colour and a tough durable protective coat that resists cracking and peeling and it now has an anti-slip formula.

If you need to clean or restore your garden decking then fear not, Cuprinol have products to help. Cuprinol Decking Restorer will restore grey, weathered decking back to its original colour and is ideal for use before applying a protective finish such as Cuprinol Decking Oil & Protector. Cuprinol Decking Cleaner is a powerful detergent specially formulated to remove dirt, grease, algae and mould to prepare decks before treating.

Cuprinol for Garden Furniture

Hardwood garden furniture, usually made from Teak or Mahogany, usually has a close grain. Due to the dense nature of the wood combined with natural resins, hardwood does have some natural weather resistance, but hardwood still needs to be protected. Thankfully there is a range of Cuprinol for Garden Furniture

If you need to revive hardwood garden furniture then Cuprinol Garden Furniture Restorer is ideal for renovating weathered garden furniture before applying a protective finish such as Cuprinol Hardwood Garden Furniture Protector or Cuprinol Teak Oil.

If you simply need to protect your hardwood garden furniture then Cuprinol Teak Oil protects and enhances the wood by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering. The other option for protecting hardwood furniture is to use Cuprinol Ultimate Hardwood Furniture Oil which is a high performance treatment for teak and other hardwood. It has a special formulation that provides longer lasting protection than traditional Teak Oil and works in 3 ways.

Cuprinol for your Fence

If you have a large amount of fencing that needs to be treated then you need an economic way of treating it. Cuprinol have a great range of Cuprinol Fence Products. With Cuprinol One Coat Sprayable Fence Treatment and the Cuprinol Fence Sprayer, you can treat each panel in less than 4 minutes, a fraction of the time it would normally take with a brush. Cuprinol One Coat TimberCare has special pigments that ensure rich colour and even coverage. It has a low odour and it is safe to use around plants and pets. Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback colours and waterproofs rough sawn garden wood keeping it looking good for years. It has a special wax enriched formula.

Cuprinol Wood Preserver

If you are looking for a high specification product for protecting your shed, fence or other garden building then you will need to consider a Cuprinol Wood Preserver. There is a great range of wood preservers, but in particular there is Cuprinol Garden Wood Preserver which penetrates deep into wood to protect against rot, decay and mould growth.

Cuprinol Wood Treatment and Repair

Cuprinol Wood Treatment and Repair – Wood can be attacked by insects, or if it becomes damp then it can be susceptible to rot. Both wet and dry rot start in places where timber gets wet. However, wet and dry rot can both be treated, but it is essential to remove the cause of the damp conditions that started them in the first place. Cuprinol 5 Star Complete Wood Treatment (FP) is a clear solvent based wood treatment for the combined eradication of the two main enemies of timber – rot and insect attack.

If woodworm is your problem then you can use Cuprinol Woodworm Killer (F) kills all types of wood-boring beetle larvae. Its deep penetration ensures effective protection for years to come.

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Cuprinol products

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A Guide to Cuprinol Products


How Are Misting Fans Beneficent?

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Submitted by: John G Peter

Summer can be the hottest season and can cause discomfort to a person. But you can be cool if you set up an outdoor misting system or misting fans. Misting fans are portable and is the best solution for cooling the humidity. These come in different shapes and size and are easy to carry around. The base of this fan holds water which slowly shoots mist in the air where it evaporates and gives you a cooling effect. These fans are very useful and effective system for breaking down the humidity in summer. You can enjoy the view or have party on your patio with outdoor misting fans. These are light weight can be carried any where for cool effect.

The mist fans are known to be authentic and cost effective when equated with air conditioner. The misting fans are eco friendly than other cooling systems. These save more than 80 % of energy. These fans are generally used by the restaurants, homes, resorts, sport center and many others. These have a power to evaporate the mist produced by the fan with water. These misting fans can be used everywhere where the room temperature is high and need to cool. The water misters have nozzle in the center of the fan which sprays water on you. The misting fans are very easy to install and use and are also inexpensive. There are two types of mist fans available in the market. There are high pressure misting fans and low pressure misting fans.

High pressure misting fans:

YouTube Preview Image

The cooling effect of this fan is more than other misting fan. These are used for large space restaurants or homes. The effect of these misting fans depends on the levels of humidity. These have an advantage of controlling odor and dust. These are very beneficial for green house because it adds humidity to it. The high pressure misting fans are also used for controlling fire and smoke and protect from frost.

Low pressure misting fans:

These are generally suitable for small spaces. This system requires less energy for producing pressure than high pressure misting fans. These are portable and allow you to detach the misting system from the fan. You can use the mist without using the fan and vise versa. These can also control dust but like high pressure misting fan.

When you buy a misting fan you also need to maintain it properly. There are few steps to be followed while maintaining mist fans. First is to unplug the mist fans when ever you are not using it. This will save the money for electricity. Next important thing is cleaning the filters. As said before the mist fans controls dust which is blocked by the filters. If the filters are not cleaned properly then it will affect the whole misting system.

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. He has written many articles like patio misting systems, portable misting systems, patio misters, patio misting, patio misting kits, portable misting fan, water misters, water misting fan, outdoor misting fans, mist system and more


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Fire reported at One HSBC Center in downtown Buffalo, New York

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Buffalo, New York — According to scanner frequencies of the Buffalo, New York fire department, smoke was reported on at least five floors at the northeast side at One HSBC Center in downtown Buffalo. The call came in around 10:50 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Friday January 18, not long after the ending of the NHL hockey game: the Sabres versus the Atlanta Thrashers which was held at HSBC Arena, a few blocks away from the tower.

According to firefighters communications the people that were on the 22nd floor made it out of the building safely. Firefighters saw “white smoke of varying intensities, believed to have been electrical” on floors 9 through 13. The source of the smoke was not identified, but the first alarm was on the 13th floor, followed by the 10th then the 9th.

Because of the cold temperatures and wind chills in the 10’s, workers at the tower were allowed back into the first floor, which has been cleared by firefighters earlier in the call.

At 11:41 p.m., firefighters gave the all clear to begin packing up with no conclusion as to where the smoke originated. They used ventilation fans to clear the floors of smoke and then shut them off to see if anymore smoke would reappear, which it did not. Remaining employees and personnel have since been allowed back to work. No damage is reported.

The tower, built in 1970, is the tallest in Buffalo and is home several agencies including the Consulate General of Canada. HSBC currently occupies 75% of the tower which has 40 floors. It stands at 529 feet (161.2 meters) tall.