Rewarding Summer Part Time Jobs For Teachers

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Submitted by: Brettsl Golden

Rewarding Summer Part Time Jobs for Teachers

Ah, summer season! Hot sun, warm air…as well as teachers searching for summer part time jobs for teachers. With school currently being away and no pupils to instruct, instructors likewise have no work, and, therefore, zero wage. It’s no wonder these people wind up having to look for part time career – simply to cope with the summertime months along with money in their wallets.

Fortunately, even though pupils are not in school, there are numerous summer part time jobs for teachers available. And even though the actual requirement for these opportunities gets higher almost every year, right now there are many possibilities to turn to during these periods. In case you are an educator looking for a summer career prospect, below are a few profitable ideas. These will not only help you keep afloat, but in addition stop you from getting bored within the summer time.

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Suggestion #1: Work as a tutor. Tutoring service is actually popular also throughout summer. The majority of the pupils you’d be training are behind within the school year, or just want to prepare themselves for the following one. For you as teachers, this is actually the easiest part time work you possibly can indulge yourself in because you currently have the ability of instructing. Furthermore, you will simply invest an hour or two of your time in tutoring times for every student. You may also brand your fee per hour, based on your wish as well as know-how.

Suggestion #2: Work on the internet. In case you have a computer wired towards the Web, this can be a best chance for you to work on the internet. There are various work, particularly part-time ones, that you could go to. Additionally, there are numerous websites which promote careers that need applicants and also employees. Many of these websites are Craigslist and Job Street. Worthwhile part-time careers ideal for instructors are usually writers, virtual assistants, writers and also specialists. These types of careers will only take 4 hours each day or maybe more, depending on your company, as soon as approved.

Suggestion #3: Work with whatsoever you are interested in. Instructors are not only great and also competent in training. I bet you might also need several hidden abilities and expertise that are not ideal for a class or even institution setting. You possibly can search for these expertise in possible summer part time employment. For example, if you’re in music, there are many opportunities to work with your musical capabilities to have good money. You may sing out or even play in a summer season wedding party or perhaps in a community occasion. The possibilities are usually endless – you simply need to get to know everything you like undertaking.

Utilize the summer season to attain something and also really feel effective at the same time. Even though it’s your simply vacation, there’s nonetheless space for just about any educator to benefit and obtain a little extra cash. Hence prior to the final bell rings in the school year, ensure you have potential summer part time jobs for teachers ready.

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James Brown dies of pneumonia

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Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown, often referred to as the Godfather of Soul, died in Atlanta due to congestive heart failure, combined with pneumonia. His death at age 73 was announced by his agent. After his dentist noticed something unusual with him, Brown was told to visit a doctor immediately. He was taken into the hospital yesterday for treatment of his pneumonia until his death at around 1:45 AM (6:45 AM GMT). It is not known whether he received a pneumonia vaccination, as recommended for people of his age.

He was born in 1933 and grew up in poverty until he formed James Brown & The Famous Flames. His influence on 20th century music, from funk to hip hop was profound.

Before he died, he scheduled a New Year’s Eve concert series in New Jersey and New York that would help kick off a 2007 tour.

Body of missing teenager Amber Dubois found

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Monday, March 8, 2010

The skeletal remains of 14-year-old Escondido, California teenager Amber Dubois were found north of the Pala Indian Reservation Saturday morning, police said. Dubois disappeared February 13, 2009 while walking to Escondido High School. The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s office made a positive identification through dental records.

According to Escondido Police Chief Jim Maher, police were following a lead when they came across the remains. Maher declined to say what the lead was or to describe in detail the site where the remains were found. He also refused to reveal whether John Albert Gardner III, suspect in the murder of Chelsea King, is being linked to the Dubois case.

Amber’s father, Maurice Dubois, made a statement thanking those who had helped in the search for Amber. “The entire community, everybody who helped out with the search effort, and above all our huge volunteer corps, they are the most dedicated people and without them we couldn’t have done anything,” he said.

Tsunami deaths mount to more than 120,000

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Nearly a week after tsunami waves scoured the coasts of multiple countries in southern Asia, the confirmed death count is over 120,000. Indonesia reports it is no longer counting bodies, but merely struggling to deal with the aftermath and prevent a massive outbreak of typhoid.

Domestic Blessings: How To Earn Money If You Work At Home

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Submitted by: Mario Churchill

Working at home may seem to be an almost alien concept to the generations of the twentieth century. For people who thought that work happened only in the office, academe, or laboratory, working at home seems to smack of laziness and lack of motivation. However, with the advent of the Internet, and with more and more people finding business opportunities online, people working at home can earn a lot of money even without stepping inside a brick-and-mortar office.

If you are interested in working at home, you will need motivation, a constant supply of energy, an Internet connection, and the ability to look for working opportunities. Motivation is important if you have to work at home: you are conveniently situated near the TV, refrigerator, and bed, all of them beckoning you to simply sleep and rest and not work any longer. You will need this motivation to get you through every day, and to keep you glued to your computer screen, earning your money.

You will also need a constant supply of energy. This is tied in with your motivation: you need to be working constantly, and with unflagging enthusiasm. There are many ways to keep your energy up: you might require a good amount of coffee, although caffeine can sometimes make you shake uncontrollably and have a hard time typing on your computer. If you are prone to trembling because of caffeine, you can try eating an apple in the morning, or drinking large amounts of vitamin C.

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An Internet connection is your gateway to the world of working at home. Join online groups and forums that post job offerings, especially for telecommuting jobs such as freelance web design or writing. Scour the Internet for sites that post telecommuting job offerings. Apply to as many jobs as you see fit, and take on as many assignments as you possibly can without damaging your health. Remember, you can earn only as much money as your brain can handle activity, so make sure that both brain and body are functioning properly before plunging into work and forgetting the rest of the world.

There are many ways to earn money online. You can be a freelance writer, providing content for blogs or websites that need important information for their regular clients. You can do web design or graphic design from afar, and simply submit your work to your clients through email. You can also be a virtual assistant, and be an offshore secretary for a boss who wants to save on airfare. In addition to all these, you can earn residual income by posting ads on your site, and earning commissions when people click on them.

This means that you might want to put up your own website. There are many programs available to help you design your website painlessly, and upload it easily. Such programs can help you make a website that is attractive and easy to navigate, which are prime considerations when judging a website s integrity. You can keep a blog, provide informative articles, and even post your resume online. Be sure to have an easy-to-remember link, so you can post your website s address online through your online groups and forums. Soon, more people can flock to your site, and you might be offered jobs that pay even higher!

Lastly, keep an open mind and always be on the lookout for job opportunities. If you are only starting out, do not be afraid to turn down jobs that you feel you cannot do, or that might violate any beliefs or principles that you hold. Moreover, whatever your skills and crafts are, always seek to improve them by attending classes or workshops.

There are many job opportunities available if you want to work at home. Be on the constant lookout and take as many jobs as you can. You can enjoy working at home if you have the right attitude and a lot of motivation, so forget about the old image of a lazy afternoon spent sleeping on the couch. You can earn money at home, and you can start now!

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Poland announces Olympians for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Polish Olympic Committee (PKOL) announced today the list of 258 sportsmen drafted to represent Poland at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China. The number of olympians may increase by 10, as the Committee has given a number of athletes a final chance to qualify, including Lidia Chojecka and Ma?gorzata Tryba?ska. There are 101 women and 157 men on the team.

The 28-year-old canoer Marek Twardowski has been chosen for the national flag bearer. “There was, of course, a discussion. We rejected the candidacy of Otylia J?drzejczak, because she starts her Olympics on August 9, the same situation was with Leszek Blanik. We needed a titled sportsman for whom the function of flag bearer will not interrupt preparations. Marek starts on August 19, he won 20 World Championships and European Championships medals and he’s a cool guy”, said Kajetan Broniewski, the chief of the Polish Olympic Mission.

The Committee spent over PLN186 million (almost US$90 million) on preparations for the Olympics in last four years, with PLN73 million of it spent this year alone. “With such a big team, we should improve the results from Athens and win over 10 medals”, said the PKOL president Piotr Nurowski.

When asked about the protests over China’s violation of human rights in Tibet, Nurowski said: “Demonstrating one’s political views at the venues as well as in the Olympic Village is forbidden. It is a violation of the Olympic Oath. It means that the IOC may even expel one from the Village and take away the medals. I have talked a lot about it with our sportsmen. They have answered that politics is not interesting for them in Beijing. They are concentrating on sports.”

It will be the third biggest Polish Olympic team in history; there were more sportsmen at the Olympics in 1972 (Munich, 288) and 1980 (Moscow, 321). Fours years ago the team numbered 202 sportsmen.

The players on the men’s and women’s volleyball teams, as well as the men’s handball team are still not known. The teams’ coaches Raul Lozano, Marco Bonitta and Bogdan Wenta have until July 19 to announce their rosters.

Overall, the team, including the medical staff, coaches, psychologists and others, will number over 400 people.

With US mid-term elections fast approaching, three prominent Democrats announce retirement

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

With this year’s November midterm elections fast approaching, three prominent United States Democrats announced their plans for retirement from public service on Wednesday.

Powerful and influential—yet controversial for his alleged close ties to the financial sector and his handling of last year’s bailout—Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut announced that he would not be seeking a sixth term this year.

In a speech to his supporters in East Haddam, Connecticut, the sixty-five-year-old senior senator—with his family at his side—said, “I have been a Connecticut senator for thirty years. I’m very proud of the job I’ve done and the results delivered. But none of us is irreplaceable. None of us is indispensable.”

He then went on to say, “Over the past twelve months, I’ve managed four major pieces of legislation through the United States Congress, served as chair and acting chair of two major Senate committees, placing me at the center of the two most important issues of our time—health care and reform of financial services.”

In addition to highlighting some personal travails, Dodd alluded to his precarious political situation, “I lost a beloved sister in July, and in August, Ted Kennedy. I battled cancer over the summer, and in the midst of all of this, found myself in the toughest political shape of my career.”

Despite this, Dodd adamantly maintained that none of the above reasons were the causes for his retirement. He said that his reasons were more “personal,” and that his retirement would hopefully give him a much-wanted opportunity to spend more time with his family.

Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota announced that he would not run for re-election this year either.

“Although I still have a passion for public service and enjoy my work in the Senate, I have other interests and I have other things I would like to pursue outside of public life,” said the sixty-seven-year-old, three-term senator who said he came to this decision after discussing his future with his immediate family over Christmas.

Governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter announced that he too would not seek a second term. The fifty-three-year-old freshman governor said that although he felt his race was “absolutely winnable,” after some deep “soul searching,” he realized that he truly wanted to retire from politics nonetheless. This due to the fact that he felt his main priority should be to be a better husband to his wife as well as a better father to their four children.

When asked to comment on Senator Dodd’s retirement on behalf of the Administration, Vice President Joseph Biden said Dodd would “be long recognized as one of the most significant senators of my generation.”

He furthermore stated, “I believe the nation will miss his wisdom, wit and compassion. I count myself lucky because I know he’s not going too far and will always be a source of advice and counsel.”

Biden gave similar comments and expressed like sentiments about the retirement of his other two Democratic colleagues as well.

US Department of Health proposes priorities for flu vaccine distribution

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Draft guidelines issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services in November have established a series of tiers and categories for distribution of scarce vaccine in the event of pandemic flu. These guidelines give strong preference for emergency responders, military and national security personnel, and socially important occupations, such as top politicians, energy sector and communications personnel, bankers, and newborn infants. Distribution of vaccine to the elderly occupies a low priority, especially in the event of a severe pandemic with a case-fatality rate of 2% or more causing more than 1.8 million deaths. The scheme differs significantly from that proposed in Britain in 2005, which gave high priority to the elderly, noting that most of the deaths in recent years – ranging from 12,000 to 29,000 annually – were in elderly patients.

U.S. 2007 Britain 2005
Tier 1. Deployed/mission critical national security, health care providers, police, fire, vaccine manufacturers, top politicians Priority 1. Health care workers, nursing home staff
Tier 1*. Pregnant women, infants (*Sub-tier plan places at lower priority than other Tier 1) Priority 2. Fire, police, security, communications, utilities, undertakers, armed forces
Tier 2. Intelligence, border, national guard, other domestic national security, community support, electricity, natural gas, communications, water, critical government personnel, children, household contacts of infants Priority 3. High medical risk (e.g. diabetes, immunosuppressed)
Priority 4. All over 65 years of age
Tier 3. Other active duty military, important health care, transport, food, banking, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil sector personnel, postal and other government, children Priority 5. Selected industries, e.g. pharmaceuticals
Tier 4. High risk conditions, all over 65 years of age Priority 6. Children
Tier 5. General public Priority 7. General public

The plan is open to public comment under U.S. Federal Register guidelines until December 31.

Knowing The Best Time And Getting The Best Rates For Mortgage Refinancing

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By Sean A. Kelly

You often hear about mortgage refinancing. You’ve heard your parents talk about it and your neighbors are doing it. So you wonder why it is such a big deal for a lot of people. Your house is probably your most valuable asset and you’ve probably worked your heart out to be able to purchase one in the first place. You also know that by getting a mortgage refinance, in essence you will be getting a new loan by securing your home in order to pay off your first loan that was secured by the same property. What you do not know is how do you find out when is the best time for you to be refinancing your mortgage and how do you get the best rates.

You will need to know when will be the best time for you to be getting a mortgage refinance so that you can totally enjoy the benefits without losing more money than what you could actually be paying for. Before deciding to refinance your home, it is advisable that you find out what the current interest rates are especially if your first mortgage is an adjustable rate mortgage. Do a little bit of research, call up your current lender and several other banks and inquire about the current interest rates for second mortgages. Compare the rate with what you are paying with your existing mortgage. Is it less or more? If the current rate is higher than your existing rate and is showing signs of getting even higher, you might want to delay getting a second mortgage. But if the rate is significantly lower by at least half a point, it would be a good time to do so. If your current rate is also significantly higher than the current rate, it is a good time for you to refinance your home to a fixed rate mortgage.

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A low interest rate is definitely tempting but it should not be the only consideration you take when deciding if it is the best time for you to put out a second mortgage on your home. Most mortgage refinancing help experts would agree that if you are not planning to move out of your house any time soon or if you have already built up at least 10% equity on your home, getting a mortgage refinance is recommendable. This is because when you apply for a refinance mortgage, you will only have to pay for the balance of what you owe and at the same time you can cash out on the amount that you have already paid or cleared. This way you will have some extra cash in hand for you to probably upgrade your house to increase its market value.

You should also consider researching the best rates that you could get for your refinance mortgage. One sure-fire way to get the best deals on interest rates is if you refinance your home with the same lender that granted you your first mortgage. If you have been a good paymaster and have made all your due payments in time, your lender considers you to be a very good investment. They will be less likely to simply let you go off to a rival lender. Keeping your business will be very important to your lender and they will most likely offer you the lowest interest rate in order to entice you to keep doing business with them. But do keep your options open. Sometimes other banks or lenders do offer lower interest rates so shop around for the best deals before you decide to go with one.

If you are asking yourself the question, ‘Should I be refinancing my mortgage at this time and will I be getting the best rate?’ you should definitely be conducting a thorough research in order to get the best deal you can. After all, one of the most important points of refinancing is for you reduce your monthly payments as well as interest rates. So make a little effort and shop around not necessarily for the lowest rate but the best deal.

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News briefs:August 18, 2006

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The time is 17:00 (UTC) on August 18th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


  • 1 Headlines
    • 1.1 North Korea to accept international aid
    • 1.2 North Korea reportedly planning nuclear bomb test
    • 1.3 Chechen rebels surrender
    • 1.4 Canadian soldier killed in accidental shooting laid to rest
    • 1.5 US senators on Greenland tour
    • 1.6 Muhammad cartoon row continues
    • 1.7 Irish firm issues free energy challenge to scientists
    • 1.8 Two New Zealand men ran illegal text lottery
    • 1.9 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to have launch pad
    • 1.10 announces second quarter results
  • 2 Closing statements