Tips On Driving With A Campervan Hire Picton Nz}

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Tips On Driving With A Campervan Hire Picton NZ



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IntroductionVisitors who come by ferry from the Northern Island are lucky since there is a free boat ride that moves you along the stunning Marlborough Sounds as you travel to Picton destination. However small, Picton offers a lot to do and see.During the cold wintry season, Piston is modestly laid back but soon as the sun is out in summer, it bustles with activity and more than 5 massive ferries dock from Wellington with tourists. It has many wonderful places to sleep, wine and dine, and many more are coming up.In the neighborhood you can tour the Marlborough Sounds. There is an opportunity to stroll on the Queen Charlotte track a beach where you can swim alongside the numerous dolphins and kayak in the sea.It is therefore an ideal city to book a campervan or if you can afford, a comfortable motor home to begin a memorable road trip since you can freely get your vehicle transfered via ferry and view the interesting neighborhood as you drive to the South Island.Crucial information on driving in NZ1. Driving is only on the left side of the road. Familiarise yourself with this if your home country allows for right hand side driving. 2. You should have an international driver’s license to hire a camper van in New zealand or an overseas driving permit.3. Remember to always have your driving license with you as long as you are driving the campervan.4. Upper limit for open road speed is slated at a hundred kilometers per hour and fifty kilometers per hour in the towns and busy urban places.5. There’s an advantage of good roads albeit with bends limiting the ability to overtake. 6. Should you be tailgated, and the road is unfamiliar: don’t panic, dont speed off. Just pull over, and allow the vehicle behind you pass. 7. Avoid gravel roads as driving on these is not an option. Therefore please beware because if you get an accident on a gravel road, insurance will not cover you.Other tipsKeep your environment clean. There is a garbage bin in your van. Always throw away wrappers, used water bottles and all other rubbish.Don’t take alcohol or use recreational drugs when driving in NZ, you don’t want to be caught and prosecuted instead of touring. The traffic police are watching out for those who exceed the slated speed limit. You will still pay for penalties pertaining to traffic offense in speed and parking even when back home.You did not save up all that cash for your holiday only to spend it paying up for offenses or more gas if speeding.For sanitary purposes avoid using toilets near waterways as you will likely contribute to pollution. There are many public toilets in various designated points which you can locate on the web. Or preferably, visit the toilets at service stations: they are all public.

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