The Pixar Cars Game Review}

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The Pixar Cars Game Review



Unlike other car racing games the Pixar Cars game is based upon the famous movie of the same name and this means that you get to race those lovable characters that you have seen on the big screen on your very own computer. The Cars movie game has been developed in all possible formats so that it can be played on any kind of player. There are versions of the Pixar movie game that you can play on Microsoft Windows systems, on Apple Mac, on OS X, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox360, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube and many more. This does not mean that the Pixar Cars game repeats itself identically in each version; there are differences in game play for the PSP and Nintendo DS versions of the game.

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The Cars movie game is not just inspired by the Disney and Pixar movie that bears the same name, in many ways it is a sequel of the movie. You can choose which character you want to race as and the story unravels according to your actions. There are many different fun levels of the Pixar Cars game in the Nintendo DS version like Casa Della Tires, Gesundheit!, Piston Cup, That Blinkin Light, Worlds Best Backwards Driver and many more.

The high quality of game play and the lovable characters could keep any player in front of the monitor for hours. The playable characters differ from one version of the game to another. For instance, in the PS2, Nintendo GameCube and Wii Xbox versions you can only play characters like Mater, Luigi, Boost, Wingo, Sally Carrera, DJ and Sheriff. In the PSP version, in addition to the characters already mentioned, you can play Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Flo, Ramone, Lizzie, Fillmore and Sarge. The race cars that you can drive in the Nintendo DS version include Leakless, Vinyl Toupee, Gasprin, and Sputter Stop.

Aside from the twenty races and the characters you already know, the Pixar Cars game also features clips from the film that you can view if you collect enough lightning bolts, several Piston Cup races and numerous minigames that provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

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Tata Primanti Garden Estate 3 And 4 Bhk With Best Services}

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By way of an elite collection of residences and villas, Tata Primanti Garden Estates positioned at Sector-72, Gurgaon proposes horizontal convenience to IGI Airport plus NH-8. It has 3 and 4 Bhk with highly contemporary bungalows 2550 sq ft to 6105 sq ft apartments along with residences immense 25, 000 sq ft well-appointed club house, sporting region and a roof-top connoisseur restaurant. Dwellers will get pleasures as of temperature forced pool and full-fledged amusement multipart surrounded by its foundations. The occupants can gets away to quiet at the spa or invigorate their intellects at the verdant green adjacent of this project.

It is single among the housing growth of Tata Housing, positioned at area 72, Gurgaon. It proposes 3 along with 4 BHK apartments, self-governing villas and floors. Project is entrenched contained by landscape garden, open terraces, raised patio and private precincts.

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Motivated by the Mughal Gardens of Delhi, Primanti Garden Estate by Tata Housing in Gurgaon is an enormous magnificence project that has been started in Sector 72 by Tata Housing. It lies on the Southern margin street and is well linked during a 150- meter broad road. It is positioned a little distance as of the domestic airport, International Airport, NH 8 as well as a shopping mall.

This project is an ultra- comfortable growth that proposes towering- end residence owners a charming bunch of premier homes. This embraces supervisory floors, supervisory apartments along with tower homes. The executive floors are magnificent duplexes bent in 3 storied ingeniously planned buildings. There are 2 pleasingly constructed 4 BHK apartments accessible in the extent of 4250 sq ft. These items mark green landed gardens. The higher duplex is a lot chubby, with a region of 6105 sq ft. It includes amenities of an untie terrace, a roof garden and detach servants scope. Every duplex arrives by way of a classified plunge pool.

Executive grassy apartments are entrenched in G + 9 and G + 11 prearranged interior- rise buildings. There is just single cottage on each floor, therefore putting to the superiority of the augmentation. The penthouses characteristic is an imposing open veranda on the crown floor. The apartments contain 4 bedrooms. Tower houses get nearer in 2 varieties looking as 3 and 4 BHK. They are bordered by recognized gardens and imaginatively planned squares. These overlooks encompass of 22 to 40 stories. Tata Housing has in fact beaten itself by way of this project.

Tata Primanti Sector-72 is a considerately planned residential deal with where nature’s attractiveness has been artistically in conjunction with approximately every comfort one can visualize. Top quality villas, luxurious apartments and duplexes have been on hand here. Be it green-lined entrance roads, lush green parks, manicured landscapes by way of seating facility, fascinating water bodies or striking arbors, the whole thing here adjoins loveliness to well-appointed residences and pull towards you populace to arrive an keep on here. Comfort and Luxury get a whole new sense at this housing complex furnished by way of high-tech facilities. A person can take pleasure in his or her existence to the fullest by getting a big number of services for example multipurpose hall, clubhouse along with play area for kids. For more info visit

About the Author: Tata Housing, the real estate developer has launched new residential project Primanti Garden Estate in Gurgaon. This project is offering 3 and 4BHK apartment with all modern amenities. For more info visit


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