Conducting An Open House When Selling Real Estate Can Be An Effective Tool

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By Stefan Hyross

Open houses, long considered the corner stone of real estate strategies, are not as glamourous since the advent of the internet and MLS listings. But is it still a worthwhile concept to focus the time and energy to host an open house.? When you consider that up to 48% of the internet queries include the term open house, it becomes clear that home shoppers are still attracted. Since research demonstrates that this traditional technique remains the most effective method to get a property, be sure and make the most of it.

Preparations need to start weeks before to mesh your on-line and printed flyers, since simply placing an Open House sign at the front of the house is not going to create the outcome you need. Because each area is slightly different, if you are a Burlington real estate agent you need to know what buyers are are seeking in your city. Look at the busy streets going to the house and decide how to position sandwich boards to guide the traffic to your site. The week of the open house, boost up the attention by handing out flyers to the neighboring houses in the area. Design your site in a way that there is a prominent notice on the home page that directs visitors to information and maps and include your website domain name on advertisements you place in the community newspaper. Take advantage of all your media outlets by creating fast and easy ways to direct the public to your existing open house listings.

To make the most of your day spent at the open house, grasp every opportunity to network. Meet the visitors at the doorstep and be welcoming and informative. Do not pre-judge buyers who walks in the door by their appearance or race, you never know what angle the shopper may have. Places like the Burlington Ontario real estate market are made up of a lot of different kinds of buyers which makes judging if a person can afford a property that much more difficult. They might actually be evaluating your methods to determine if they want to hire you as their agent. Rather than attacking them with typical sales questions listen carefully to what they tell you and respond with pointed questions that show you are listening to their requirements.

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In a lot of the real estate courses that you have attended over your career you have probably been informed that if a home stands out to the potential purchaser it has a better potential to sell. After the visitors have visited the open house, you need to make sure you offer them some easy-to-carry material that will remind them of your property and your property since they may view numerous houses in one outing and you have to assure yours will stick in their minds. For instance, prepare a truly helpful handout that will answer some questions they may not have asked you concerning the area and the process of house hunting. In this handout you can also include pages about properties that are in the same price range, even if they are not handled by your brokerage, so the buyers are able to make their own comparisons. Offer maps of the area and simple online links that will direct them to detailed information on the web. It is important to keep in mind the concept that an open house event can have a return on the investment, and even though you may not see the payoff the day of the event, the effort you put into making it right can pay off in many ways.

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