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Submitted by: Richard Randolph

The divine day of 2014 was the Thanksgiving Day in USA. It happened in the Raleigh in North Carolina and has influenced more than 250 families for the people in need. Mardy Eger is the person who spread joy and eliminated sorrows. This has happened all due to labor of love of MD Eger and his family. They have hence proved that generosity still exists.

Mardy Eger has climbed up the rough side of a major mountain called life. Can you imagine, losing your entire family at the tender age of 9 or 10 years of age? Can you imagine living in fear each and every day of your life as a child? Can you imagine being abused physically and mentally as a child, Can you imagine feeling trapped in misery each and every day and feeling like you are in a bad dream every day you wake up, can you imagine as a child feeling unloved, hated, feeling worthless, told you will never be anything or anybody, and that you are a loser?

Mardy has been a victim of Domestic Violence since a very young age of 10, Mardy Eger lost his beloved mother by hands of his father; merely he stood at age of 10 years. The sorrowful event made Mardy away from his mother, grandparents and all of other family members.

The most depressing year in the life of Mardy Eger with awful moments where unfortunately Mardy lost his 16 family members turning into misery and sorrow reason was sudden loss. The Gloominess in the life of Mardy Eger was to watch his father torture his mother every time again and again.

Well this is the way of life of the young Mardy Eger, after life hit him with an unimaginable blow. This is not the ideal world for an 8, 9, or 10 year old, its not the life for any one really. His life spiraled out of control as a teenager to finally after years settling down for a new level of issues that almost cost Mardy his life. Through it all Mardy Egers life of inspiration was created, it all can be heard as you listen to him speak and shares wisdom on how to survive, how to think your way to your next level, how to speak your way to destiny, and how to use all that life has given you and create something beautiful from it.

During the interview for the top MLM earners a question was raised for Mr Eger, he was asked the reason he does all and what is he doing so and the reply was really impressive by Mr Eger, I am a servant to all that have or are going through something. I am also here to not only assist through those times but to also give hope and let people know that yes they can make it, yes theres someone that loves them and yes their lives can turn around, it happened or me and I will help them realize their dreams no matter where they are, and Im human and no different than they are and yes they can and will make it. Thats my call”

Mr. Eger is very much engaged these days in the preparation for release of his new book, first quarter 2015.

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